About GM3 Construction and Architects

GM3 Construction and Architects is 100% BEE compliant and run by practice principle Gamiem Moses. Gamiem has successfully run his architectural firm since 1993. As an avid artist, Gamiem branched out into construction, allowing his love for drawing building plans and "creating works of art" to melt into one.

We put our clients in an advantageous position when they sit down with us to draw their building plans. We are technically proficient to provide immediate feedback on structural compliance, electrical compliance, plumbing works, construction of structural pools as we are able to tap into our knowledge of construction principles and guidelines

Gamiem believes in running a tight ship, all construction personell are registered and GM3 Construction and Architecture is affiliated with all registered bodies in South Africa.

Couple Gamiem's creativity and technical ability as architect and builder with his acutely thorough business acumen and desire "to only do things properly" and GM3 Construction and Architects really does offer its clients a competitive package.

We are confident because we are passionate about our trade. We are GM3 Construction and Architects.