Building Plans in Cape Town

Why use GM3 Construction and Architecture for your building plans in Cape Town?

GM3 Construction and Architecture has been drawing building plans since 1993. Our building plan expertise is unparalleled and thorough. Unlike other building plan institutions, we ensure you, the client, thoroughly understand your own building plan. We at GM3 Construction and Architecture use 2D building plans, 3D building plans and fly-throughs and 3D motion picture presentations as our standard toolset to aid you, the client, to fully visualize and understand your building plan requirements.

On your approval of the 3D building plan design and layout, we generate 2D building plan drawings. These building plans are made ready for submission to the relevant municipalities for approval.

The Building Plan Process

The building plan process can be either an easy or an arduous process, depending on the parties involved. Parties to a building plan include:

  1. the land owner
  2. architect
  3. administrative personnel
  4. and the municipalities

If for any reason any one of these parties under-performs, the building plan process can be a frustrating and drawn out process. GM3 Construction and Architects ensures transparency and honesty, a high level of technical involvement and a streamlined building plan process by relying on our many years of experience in Architecture and Construction, and our passion for what we do.

The 3D Building Plan

Today 3D building plans are the method of choice allowing all parties to easily view the building plan requirements of the client. Clients benefit from 3D building plans in the following ways:

  1. experience a complete walk-through or fly-through of building plan requirements
  2. complete confidence in that what is wanted, is actually delivered.
  3. scale and depth of alterations can be viewed as a whole while appliance and furniture layout can be determined before hand
  4. all parties see the same thing or end result and this alleviates misinterpretation of the building plan and fosters trust between relevant parties.
  5. 3D building plans are inherently easier for anyone to understand as some find it difficult to read 2D building plans
  6. any mistakes are easily rectified

At GM3 Construction and Architects we love what we do and clients experience this passion through our very detailed and involved 3D building plan sketch-up movies. We aim to provide professional building plan services in Cape Town, one that saves you time, money and any fustration.

3D Movie Samples

Industrial Park

  1. Car Park
  2. Factory Units
  3. Housing Units

Domestic Unit 1

  1. Pool
  2. Fire-pit
  3. Glass Enclosed Staircase Area

Extension and Additions

  1. Second level
  2. Extra rooms
  3. Staircase

More Extension and Additions

  1. Second level
  2. Extra rooms
  3. Staircase
  4. Home Office

The 2D Building Plan

The 2D building plan or flat plan will be generated once all parties are in agreement as to the changes required.

This 2D building plan is your precision plan and is the one submitted to the municipality. This is where our years of experience in both Arhcitecture and Construction benefit our clients.

We apply our technical expertise to the 2D building plan so that we deliver the highest quality plan possible as well as best price scenario for your pocket when its comes to the construction.

We are GM3 Construction and Architects.

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