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Gamiem Moses has been active in Architecture for over 30 years. His career started when working for a well-known firm in Cape Town, thereafter started GM3 Designs and Architecture and never regretted a single day.

At GM3 Designs and Architecture the goal that binds our work – and what motivates our efforts – is finding the smartest solution for each project. We believe that the best design is the product of an open-minded search, one without preconceptions or stylistic formulae.

GM3 Designs and Architecture is registered with SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession).


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We create homes with meaning

There’s so much more to architecture than what meets the eye. Every place has a story, and as we design, we help tell it. Our work enlivens neighbourhoods, builds communities and energizes the citizenry.


What we offer to our clients

Council submission

House plans in Cape Town to Municipal plans are our forte. We deliver on House plans in Cape Town swiftly. We managed to save our clients loads of monies by providing our clients with ideas that will save them monies on Construction. By implementing our ideas and proposals we successfully implemented these either as Décor to structural or just ordinary building guidance. The saving is enormous. You as the Client have two choices: (a) For low-priced Architectural cost and ultimately spend way more on Construction or (b) allow us to assist. In addition, very eye pleasing designs well within budget. Be in Extensions to Single story. From 3 floors to 7 floors. Block of flats to Warehouses. Schools to Clinics. Office space to Boundary walls. Garages or Carports. Allow us to assist House plans in Cape Town to Development in Cape Town and to finally Council submission is what we strive for. Architects in South Africa to the Best Architect in Cape Town – we at GM3 Designs deliver and compete with the best Architects in South Africa. From Interior Designs in Cape Town to Designs in Cape Town, we offer this and much more.

Development in Cape Town

Development in Cape Town seeks the Best Architect in Cape Town to assist with the needs of the Client. Many clients seek the Best Architect in Cape Town to Architects in South Africa who will be able to design the ultimate Modern houses. Whether you are looking for Architects Building Plans to Architects in South Africa, to the Best Architect in Cape Town. We at GM3 Designs offers such a unique service that includes in addition Construction Consultation. This combined with Architecture sets us aside from others. From Council Submission to Municipal Plans, be it House Plans in Cape Town or Development in Cape Town, we urge the Public to make use of our Construction Consultation in addition to oversee the Project. This is crucial to the success of any project. Cheap labour vs Professional services. If you a Tax payer, make sure your Builder is too. Make sure your Building Contractor can read Council Plans. This is crucial to the implementing of the Building plans successfully on site. Then in addition the Building contractor issues you a Safety file. Make sure your Builder issues you Workmanship compensation certification. Make sure your Builder is certified in Health and Safety. Make sure your Builder does not operate from a Po Box number. Make sure your Builder Issues you a Programmed of works followed every 2nd Week with a Two Week Look Ahead Program. Make sure your Builder is contactable via all forms of social media. Make sure your Builder issues you Indemnity to Insurance eg Builders All Risk Insurance to Construction All Risk insurance. You as the client are responsible to make sure to tick all of the boxes before you sign up anyone. No foreign builders without permits allowed to quote. All staff to be registered with permits and Certification from the GP stating that all staff are good to work / undertake your project.

Educating to Education

At GM3 Designs we assist all Clients and Builders who wishes to make use of our services to make contact with us. We Provide a Service – We Educate – We make sure all Construction staff / workers become / Contractors understand Building plans before they commence with the works. This is an additional service provided by GM3 Designs. To understand and be able to read Council Plans we at GM3 Designs give training to all those who wishes to make use of our Architectural Services. Quality and Workmanship, we see fail daily. At GM3 Designs we educate and where possible even teach Construction workers. We assist Building Contractors. This and much more are being implemented to all Construction Projects. Construction Consultation must be implemented on all Construction Projects. Clients are reminded to not undertake Projects having direct dealings with Builders. Builders are not Professional Service Providers. Construction Consultation at GM3 Designs coupled with Building plans = a Successful project.

Modern Houses and 3D

We all love Modern Houses. We therefore offer 3D Mock proposals to showcase our works via 3D. Building plans in Cape Town with its unique designs in and around Cape Town coupled with Modern houses has never been so easy having dealings with GM3 Designs. Development in Cape Town is on the rise. Never has it been so easy to Submit Building plans in Cape Town. With the New Portal system implemented by the CoCT all house Plans in Cape Town can only be submitted online. On Council Submission all clients will receive a sms to indicate that the Council Plans been successfully submitted. We provide explanation to all who wishes to make use of our Services.


The process we follow to minimize any room for error.


Initial meeting

Building plans in Cape Town submission to the CoCT can become at times tedious if the Client does not want to take guidance. The application will suffer. At GM3 Designs our Clients briefs us - We consult and we prepare Council Plans. Municipal plans are then prepared and Council Submission takes place. We keep open a healthy communication link. All forms of communication. Skype, WhatsApp, telephone to email. Our communication link sets us apart from others. We keep all Clients up to date with progress to the Council Submission Plans. Local to International clients. We also source lands for all Clients who wishes for GM3 Designs to undertake this process too.


Planning commences

We get the client to contribute / comment to the proposal before we complete the Council Plans. On approving the proposal, we waste no time to prepare the Council Submission. Before and during the proposal stage we guide the client to Construction cost etc. Building plans in Cape Town to Council Submission under GM3 Designs are swift and each and every Council Plans receives attentions. Please ask us for references of our current and previous clients. Development in Cape Town has never been so easy when you as the Client have appointed the correct Service Provider. The Best Architect in South Africa will testify to the following fact that: Cheap Building plans will only result in the Client receiving less commitment from the Service Provider. At GM3 Designs we offer Building Plans in Cape Town and all surrounding areas. In all Provinces.


Final product

Approved Municipal plans after Council Submission we urge the public to make use of your Service Provider to assist with Construction. Either by Project Management or as a Construction Consultant. We have observed that many Construction sites fail because of the Client either: having Direct dealings with the Builder or the Builder is incompetent. We at GM3 Designs have come up with a solution: When we nominated to undertake the Architectural Building plans we offer our services in addition of Construction Consultancy. A) We then Project Manage the Construction site. B) We give training and prepare the Entire Staff via our 3D drawings and videos in and around the Project. C) We give onsite training and we make sure before any Builder are Nominated that the Contractor is in good standing with all Legal Departments of SA. Read above.

QS AND BREAKDOWN OF MATERIALS TO THE PROJECT. This is an additional service. At GM3 Designs we request all Prospective clients to do there homework before siging up anyone to undertake Building plans.

25+ Years of experience
200+ Projects completed
170+ Happy clients
2000+ Cups of coffee consumed


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