GM3 Designs and Architecture

Who we are

GM3 Designs and Architecture was started by Gamiem Moses.

He has been active in Architecture for over 27 years and counting.

His career started when working for a very well-known firm in Cape Town, thereafter went solo and never regretted a single day.


Our Expertise range from:


Consulting, Architecture, submitting plans to the Municipality and having these approved.

Issuing of QS report both a breakdown on Labour and Materials for the entire Project. We included this as a package deal to all clients. We do not price / m2, it demonstrates expertise and in depth of up to date knowledge of building applications and applying this while designing.

This method saves the clients immediately from having to run around to several consultants which can become costly for many.

We supply all potential clients the above services and thus setting us aside from others.

Besides just submitting plans to be approved to the Municipality, We provide internal décor, internal layout, space planning and many more.


GM3 Designs and Architecture is registered with SACAP. South African Council for the Architectural Profession.

What we do

GM3 Designs and Architecture offers the following services:


  • Architecture
  • 2D Designs and Layout Everything under 2D for plan submission purposes. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Detail draws, Shopfronts, Interior décor, design and layout.
  • 3D Design Latest and updated realistic rendering. Easy to read and understand drawings. Completed rendering of the Clients proposal. This makes it easy for the client to add or omit. For all those who wishes to see their proposal before its even built, GM3 Designs and Architecture offers this part of their services.
  • Video Rendering A service free of charge when GM3 are nominated. This service will guarantee all clients to have a visual walk through the proposal Internally and externally. Realistic scenes and designs to make you as the client realise that you have made the correct decision nominating GM3 Designs and Architecture.

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